November 25, 2021

Do I Need a Defibrillator at Work?

Surviving cardiac arrest: Do I need a defibrillator at work? Failure to have a defibrillator at work does not automatically trigger liability for business and building owners. However, the power of these machines has left many business owners wondering: ‘Do I need a defibrillator at...

November 15, 2021

How to Use a Defibrillator

Knowing How to Use a Defibrillator Could Save Lives What happens in the minutes following a sudden cardiac event is a matter of life and death. In many instances, knowing how to use a defibrillator can be the determining factor for survival. According to the...

November 6, 2021

Where Is My Nearest Defibrillator?

Where is my nearest defibrillator? Finding out could save a life. If someone has suffered from cardiac arrest, a defibrillator is a fundamental piece of equipment in improving the chances of survival. Where is my nearest defibrillator, you may ask? Keep reading for more information...